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TAILIFT FORKLIFT SALES at Equipment Experts Inc.
in Lakewood WA


Value Priced Forklift - Tailift is one of the top 10 forklifts in the worlkd, and one of the top 3 sold in Asia. This is a solidly built forklift at a a value price, and has recently been made available in the US. With 2 distribution locations, in California and Florida, parts are always available.

  • Multi Function Safety Display - A compact and easily readable display is set so you can easily see it. It provides all the information to operate your forklift safely.
  • Interlock Parking Brake - The parking brake is released only by engaging the upper button, so you can park safely.
  • Entry Step - An easy to use entry and exit step, featuring a non skid surface.
  • Overhead Guard - Part of the entire chassis, the integrated overhead guard provides optimum protection for your workers.