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Customer Reviews & Stories


"It's great that they will come out to my yard to service our fleet, and take care of the PMs."

–G Davis (Google+)

"We've been frustrated for years by the poor service from, what we thought, was the only cat service provider in western washington. I was fortunate enough to find Equipment Experts. Arielle and Stacy have been wonderful to work with - they've made everything easy and understandable even with my limited understanding. Their service tech came to our site and completed all work and inspections professionally. Their recommendations for future work have been informative and reasonable. Definitely will recommend to anyone needing equipment service. They are the experts!."

–April H. (Yelp)


"The tech was very knowledgable and friendly. He was able to diagnose and repair 2 machines on one visit. Would use Company again."

–Steve Reynolds


"Joe was very helpful and Ariel follow up with ordering parts. Joe and Ariel kept me informed. I was very satisfied with the service. "

–Mark Gordhamer

"Excellent work, quick diagnosis and repair. I was up and running in no time."

– Anonymous

"Because it was an old machine, it took quite a while to fix. However, the work was done well and the machine runs fine now".

–Roger Indrebo

"As always, the work, (replace ball joints) was done in a timely and efficient manner. You were good enough to install the two replacement shocks that I provided. Next up is the drive-line seal replacement and power steering pump. Aside from the fact that you are closer than any Dodge dealer, I just don't get a "good vibe" from Tacoma Dodge's service dept. With your shop, I feel good, both about the work, and how I am treated. Good work. Maximum "good guy points" for all concerned."

–John Nipps J

"Very good peoples."


"My experience why Equipment Experts is allways excellent. Their Techs allways do a great job and the customer service in the office is awsome! The owners are great people too!."

–kelly wolffe, Tacoma, WA

"The few times I have had my truck in your shop for service, it has been done quite well, the price was as good as any (better than most), and I have the fullest confidence in your people. You recommended a shop for tires when it was appropriate, and I am pleased with their service/prices. Most recently, while having repairs done, I asked to have the front end examined. I need upper and lower ball joints - hardly a shock after 157,000 miles. The nice thing is that the inspection indicated that I don't need an additional $900.00 in front end work another shop said was required. I trust your facility and your people."

–john nippsj, Lakewood, WA

"I've used Equipment Experts on three separate occasions. These guys are awesome. Great service, quick response times and they got the jobs done when promised. There rates are also very competitive."

–Lonnie Mattoon

"I have been in the transportation industry for 30 years and recently, I held a service Mgr position, during the process of reviewing the status and the condition of equipment my new discoveries shocked me to see a fleet that In my professional opinion, should not have been allowed to operate. I realized that I was going to need help so I started bringing in vendors to help, some did not care others did not know, many said we just do what ever the customer tells us weather they are right or not this to me is a coop out.You Will BE HAPPY TO KNOW ,I found them they are like family the firmest, nicest (Stacy) people you will ever meet. I was able to increase truck, trailer productivity and doing it safely with Equipment Experts Thank you !!!!"

-Ron Collins

"I have used Equipment Experts for a few years now and they have always done a great job. They PM services and major repairs on our trucks and forklifts and if we have a brake down on the road or job site they are out there as soon as they can to get us up and running again. All of the people are great and I will keep using them. Thank all of you there."

-Harry Stanley

"Fast efficient affordable. Same day emergency service. Awesome response time, and really easy to work with."

"Equipment Experts are just that....Experts! We have had great success and service with them on our fleet of trucks. Equipment Experts are honest, do timely and diligent work and always give advise when needed. If you need truck repairs and maintenance than they are the mechanics for you. Thank you guys for all the hard work. Amazing speed and fairness in business. Very much recommend this business to anyone needing a repair."