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A step by step guide on how to go about managing your fleet.

  • Prolong the life of your equipment. It's WAY less expensive than fixing a major problem.
  • Compliance - Federally regulated. Its the law!
  • Save money - every dollar you pay for maintenance will save you big dollars down the road, so to speak.
  • Plan and track your finances and budget in taking care of equipment. Be in control and less reactive!
  • Stress factor - Reduce stress and company drama. Focus on what you do to increase your profitability rather than random breakdowns.
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About the Authors

After 20 years in marketing, Stacy resigned from a position as a strategic marketing analyst and joined her husband, Greg, at the fledgling Equipment Experts, Inc. At that time, the company had 4 employees and was not profitable. Through many trials and tribulations, Stacy and Greg have cultivated an outstanding team of 28 staff members. They are also recognized by Drive as a Masters of Shop Management accredited shop. Much of their success comes from a passion for customer service, constant improvement and always doing the right thing . This E-book is an extension of that passion and the culmination of years of experience as a leader within the truck and heavy equipment repair and maintenance industry.

Information was also sourced through interviews with leading fleet managers and owners. The interviews resulted in identifying key pain points within the process. They also offered inspiring quotes and anecdotes, many of which are shared within this e-book.

authors of the e-book Greg & stacy Connor - Co-owners of Equipment Experts, Inc.

The Equipment Experts Team

mechanics at Equipment Experts
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